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Virtual Care

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We partner with medical practices of all sizes to deliver more
personalized care to patients, improve outcomes and increase
revenue. We are not merely a provider of one service or device.
Rather, we are a complete package that lets you grow your practice
without adding staff or exam rooms. Our software platform is
supported by a call center where we deliver high touch care for
high-risk and high-need patients.

A partnership benefits practices through:


Our nurses, medical assistants and care coordinators act as an
extension of your practice to communicate regularly with patients.
They support upcoming doctor visits to coordinate care activities,
monitor vital signs, make sure medicines are taken properly and
provide preventive care support. The same callers contact the
patients each time so a relationship is established and they quickly
recognize when there is a change in condition or something is just
not right. We also provide education and guidance to promote
self-care and help patients overcome barriers preventing them from
achieving health goals.


We work with providers and administrators to seamlessly integrate with the practice. We understand the importance of patient flow as well as front and back-office efficiency. With this in mind, we have created protocols designed to enhance all operational areas and
create efficiencies for providers and staff.


• Virtual Front Office
• Annual Wellness Visits
• Advance Care Planning
• Chronic Care Management
• Remote Patient Monitoring
• Behavioral Health Integration
• Collaborative Care Model
• Wound Care Monitoring


• Dedicated care teams comprised of nurses, medical assistants, and care coordinators to support patient care
• Integration and training on customized protocols for care management, care coordination, and clinical alerts
• Thorough documentation of all support activities uploaded into the patient’s electronic medical record
• Administrative support for patient eligibility, coding, and billing

Virtual Front Office

Triage Incoming Calls, Support Care Coordination, Schedule Visits, Screen for Preventive Services and Acute Needs

Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) Support

Remote and On-site Health Risk Assessment, Goal Setting,
Education, and Identification of Gaps in Care

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Support

Remote and On-site Advance Care Planning Assessment, Education, and Legal Documentation

Chronic Care Management (CCM) Support

Monthly Patient Check-In Calls, Medication Management, Care Plan Compliance, and Care Coordination Services

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) Support

Monthly Patient Check-In Calls to Support the Management of Behavioral Health Needs

Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) Support

Psychiatric Consultant and Behavioral Health Care Manager work with Primary Care Provider to Support Behavioral Health Needs

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Support

Daily Monitoring and Management of Patient Physiological Data

Wound Care Monitoring (WCM) Support

Daily Monitoring and Management of Patient Physiological Data